Avoid Chinese Whispers

Improving your Image via the Phone isn’t hard to do. But it is even easier to damage it through slack, impatient or inconsiderate handling of phone calls. Even if your people haven’t been taught the key skills to help improve your ‘brand’, you can at least ensure they maintain the status quo and don’t do damage to it. […]

Social Media influence on use of the Phone

A recent study by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA), a division of the National Retail Federation (NRF), shows some interesting facts about how people interact online: Seven out of 10 social media users between the ages of 18 and 34 regularly use Facebook more than other sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Classmates. […]

Telemarketing B2B : the USA experience

Growing businesses require the capabilities of various marketing channels for ensuring success of their promotional activities. Telemarketing is one such strategy that seeks to boost sales by bridging the gap between prospective customers (consumers and business) and the seller. Telemarketing is an extremely useful promotional tool, particularly for retention and acquisition of customers, product sales, […]

Do You Know Where The Word ‘Hello’ Heralds From?

Many think the word ‘Hello’ has been part of our language for centuries – but it hasn’t! It only came about with the advent of the telephone. Until then traditional greetings in a face-to-face situation would have ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ etc. Over the phone, however, early users felt uncomfortable at not being able to see […]

10 Tips to improve call centre phone handling

Despite the fact that seven in ten people prefer the phone to any other contact method,  there are some common errors that companies continue to make in their customer contact operations. 1.  Communicate the goal Define and measure five contact-handling performance targets for phone, correspondence and face-to-face communication,  e.g. to answer 90% of incoming calls […]

10 basic tips on phone use

Today we are busier than ever. Our systems need to work with us to make the most of our time. Telephone and Voicemail usage has increased and being able to effectively manage the tools is what this list is about for making best use of the greatest of business tools. Keep Contact Information In One […]

Lackadaisical selling by phone doesn’t work: Be prepared

Do you know what the characteristics of a lackadaisical selling effort are? We all want to believe that we are the best at what we do. Unfortunately you don’t get to decide that, your sales prospects and customers do! Having a lackadaisical selling effort is nothing to be proud of. Being lackadaisical simply means you […]

Take the telephone test

If your customers are not impressed by you or your colleagues on the telephone, they can switch businesses by merely hanging-up and dialling the competition. So, your telephone skills can have a significant impact on your business and your career. To find out how you and your colleagues are perceived, take this telephone test. While […]

Beware of the use of Voicemail

How did the world survive before voicemail was invented? Having the ability for callers to leave messages for you is very useful but if you are considering using voicemail within your business you might want to consider some of the implications highlighted by survey. • 52% of respondents said they won’t leave a message on […]

Tips for Making Outbound calls

Important Tips to be Ready for Making Outbound Calls Be prepared. Before beginning outbound calls, have the workspace organized efficiently. Have a list of whom will be called, with highest priority (most lucrative) first; or possibly third or fourth; if it requires a few calls to get relaxed and in the swing of things. Make […]